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Bob Rohrman threatens to sue city of Lafayette over construction

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Bob Rohrman is threatening to sue the city of Lafayette over the Sagamore construction project.

The owner of multiple auto dealerships in the city said he wasn’t told about the southbound closure on Sagamore Parkway and it’s negatively affecting his business.

Rohrman said last April his dealerships on the south side of Sagamore sold 268 vehicles, but that was down to 197 this April.

The auto dealer believes it is a direct result of the construction and hopes the city helps ease the blow.

Mayor Tony Roswarski has planned a meeting at Rohrman’s Honda dealership for Tuesday.

“We have the engineers coming, and the construction crews coming and I’m coming,” Roswarski said. “And we are going to sit down and let him kind of show exactly what he’s thinking, and we will see if there is a way to tweak things to make it better.”

Rohrman said he will hear the mayor out before filing any lawsuits.

Wabash National also had concerns about the project. Roswarski said Wabash was afraid the construction would cause its business layoffs.

However, Roswarski said they came to a solution and hopes to do the same with Rohrman.