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Business helps family after 2-year-old’s drowning

NOBLESVILLE, Ind (WISH) – The Noblesville community is rallying behind a family that lost a young boy to a drowning.

On Monday, Hamilton County sheriff deputies said Drayson White, 2, of Noblesville died from an accidental drowning. Deputies said he was able to get into a fenced pool and was found floating face down Saturday night.

The boy had just celebrated his birthday at the Cicero Fun Factory. It’s a celebration co-owner Nathan Huffman remembers well.

“The energy they had was outstanding, and that’s one of the reasons they stuck out to me so much is they had such a great time,” Huffman said. “They are really great people.”

Huffman says the birthday boy, Drayson, not only loved bouncing, but the candy too. “He was all laughs and smiles, and had a real sense of funny character to him. He was really a joy to be around,” Huffman said.

After hearing about Drayson’s death, Huffman wanted to help. “Like most families that go through something like this, they’re in shock. I would say more than anything they’re just numb,” Huffman said.

While the family faces thousands in funeral expenses, Huffman started a GoFundMe page. The site that has more than 1,000 shares, and has raised more than $6,000.

“To be able to have this kind of response quickly to help some people that are really in need, it’s a blessing,” Huffman said. “It really is. That’s all there is to say, it’s a true blessing.”

Huffman isn’t surprised. Although he focuses on creating good memories, he also knows how locals react during the bad times.

“They always pull together to help each other and that’s one of the reasons we like being around here and being a big part of this community, because they are so tight and everybody really likes to support each other,” Huffman said.