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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.

MIT robot

MIT has designed a robot that is capable of disinfecting the floor of a 4,000-square-foot warehouse in only half an hour and it could one day be used to clean your local grocery store or school.

It works with UV-C light, which has proven effective at killing bacteria and viruses on surfaces, the researchers said.

However, it is harmful to humans. The robot was built to be autonomous without the need for any direct supervision or interaction.

Hot spots

Americans are starting to avoid popular southern beach destinations this summer amid a surge in coronavirus cases in sun belt states.

The CEO of Trip Advisor says Chicago, Las Vegas and Honolulu took over the to three trending destinations based on searches on the website in the week of June 28.

A week earlier, Miami Beach, San Diego and Key West, Florida held the top spots.


Vaccine researchers are trying new tacks in an unprecedented effort to recruit tens of thousands of healthy volunteers needed to finish testing coronavirus shots in late stages of development.

The Wall Street Journal reports quickly lining up all the subjects for so many studies at the same time poses several challenges.

Given the urgency to find a vaccine, researchers are taking unusual steps, such as recruiting at pharmacies, enlisting churches in searches for subjects and even requesting employees and families to ask around.


Gmail appears to be suffering from a widespread problem with its email filters which is causing potentially dangerous, exploitative and inappropriate messages to be sent directly to users’ inboxes.

Google tells Android Police the spam flaw was actually part of a bigger issue which caused Gmail emals to be delayed, both sent and received.

Google says a fix is happening but some users are still reporting unfiltered spam.