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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines.

Connected coffee

A senior research with security vendor, Avast, described how he set about discovering if he could hack a smart coffee machine without first compromising either the network it was connected to or the router itself.

The short answer is he could.

The researcher discovered that it acted as a wifi access point, establishing an unencrypted, unsecured connection to a companion app. This enabled him to start investigating the firmware update.

Unsurprisingly, the updates were also unencrypted, without any authentication or coding signing involved.


Twitter started testing a new feature in June, asking users whether they had actually read an article before retweeting it. Now, the company says it’s pleased with the results of the test and will soon start rolling out the feature globally.

During the test period, Twitter says if found that people opened article about 40% more often after seeing the prompt.

Airlines funding

The airlines may have to cut jobs this week unless Congress comes through with more funding by Thursday.

October 1 is the deadline the airlines and the government agreed to nut cut jobs in exchange for getting billion to keep flying year in the pandemic.

Air travel is stuck at about 700,00 passenger a day, a third of its normal rate.


Walmart stock gained Friday after announcing it had picked the Indianapolis area for its largest fulfillment center.

The faculty will be Walmart’s largest e-commerce fulfillment center in the country with 1,000 employees.

Smaller businesses in the area could benefit as well from the economic development.