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Monday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Monday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Pending labor strike could increase food prices

The nation’s supply of food could take a hit if railroad workers go on strike.

As soon as this week, 115,000 freight rail workers could walk out if they cannot reach a new contract with railroads, potentially shutting down the national rail network that transports 20 percent of all grain shipments.

Railroads also carry a lot of fertilizer that is crucial to growing food.

Manheim data: Pre-owned car prices dropped 4% in August

Pre-owned car prices sank 4% in August to the lowest since last September, according to Manheim data.

Pre-owned vehicles were among the biggest sources of pandemic-era inflation as semiconductor shortages halted the production of new vehicles.

Credit card companies to track gun sales

The major credit card companies will add a new merchant category for firearms retailers.

This a victory for gun-control advocates who have pressed the financial industry to do more to help curb mass shootings.

It’s being criticized by the NRA.

However, the new code is for retailers whose primary business is firearms sales; big-box retailers that sell guns won’t be affected.

Netflix might abandon its binge-watching model

Netflix may abandon its binge-watching model for new series.

The concern at Netflix is that people subscribe just for one show, watch all the episodes in one sitting and then cancel.

Netflix recently lost a million subscribers.

Kellogg’s to release cereal bowls that don’t need milk

According to the company, the water will activate the powder milk in the cup, making your cereal bowl taste like a traditional breakfast.

Kellogg’s states that the water will turn the instant milk into real milk after a quick stir.