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QR codes gain popularity during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – During the pandemic, on menus and mall signs, we’ve been seeing small, square, scannable codes.

Nelson Spade is the general manager of Circulus Digital Media, the digital arm of WISH-TV, and was on Daybreak Thursday.

Restaurants, shops and other businesses are embracing OQ codes. However, they are not new, Spade said.

“QR codes have been around for over 20 years — it’s kind of hard to believe,” said Spade. “The pandemic increased usage a lot — to the tune of 30%.”

Spade said the demand for safety protocol and touchless services are what drove the usage of QR codes to surge.

An estimated 11 million households will use a QR code in 2021, he said, and this number is only expected to grow.

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