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Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines with Jane King.

U.S. gas prices fall for the seventh straight week

U.S. gas prices have fallen for seven straight weeks and are approaching an average price of $4 a gallon.

Opis, an energy data provider, says the average cost nationwide has fallen to $4.16. That’s a 17% drop from a record high in June.

AAA says the current average in central Indiana is about $4.03 per gallon.

Lilly to start selling COVID-19 antibody treatment commercially

Indianapolis-based Eli Lilly and Company plans to begin commercial sales of its COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment to states, hospitals and other healthcare providers this month. Previously, it was only sold to the government.

Lilly’s price on the treatment is listed at $2,100 per dose. The company says it is working with the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure uninsured, low-income people can get the drug.

Parents prepare cyber safety talks as kids go back to school

As parents prepare to send their kids back to school soon, one critical item needs to be included on the checklist: checking out all online platforms their kids are using – and starting conversations early about cyber safety.

Kids and teens between the ages of eight and 18 spend about 44.5 hours each week in front of digital screens, according to the nonprofit Center for Parenting Education.

There are predators that spend “a lot of hours” attempting to groom children online, Cyber Safety Consulting told Fox Digital.

Oreo, Starbucks plan August rollout of pumpkin spice items

Oreo’s “pumpkin spice sandwich cookies” are hitting store shelves on Aug. 15, marking their return following a five-year hiatus. The limited-edition flavor features two golden oreo cookies with a “fFestive pumpkin spice flavored cream” sandwiched in the middle.

Social media reports that Starbucks will start offering its pumpkin spice latte on Aug. 30.

The “PSL” will reportedly cost 80 cents more than it did last year.