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Wednesday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Take a look at Wednesday’s business headlines with Jane King.

Polyworking: Gen Z working multiple jobs to make ends meet

Gen Z is working multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Paychex found that while 40% of workers overall currently have multiple jobs, this number rises to almost half for Gen Z.

33% of millennials hold down three or more jobs compared to 28% of baby boomers and 23% of Gen X professionals.

Change could mean less financial aid for children in farm families

Freelance and remote workers were the most likely to report being employed at multiple firms.
Students from families that own farms or small businesses could see less financial aid under the new formula set to launch this year, but some groups are calling on congress to fix the issue.

A family with an income of $60,000 and a farm worth $1 million would be expected to contribute $7,600 annually for college. Under the new formula, that same family would be expected to contribute $41,000.

Currently, the net worth of farms or businesses with fewer than 100 employees is exempt from the formula.

Delta launches academy to train next generation of pilots

Delta wants to make sure its prepared for the shortage of airline pilots.

It is starting the Delta Propel Flight Academy.

The program, which is already accepting applications, is poised to bolster the pool of trained pilots and will welcome its first class in June.

The government estimates there will be 18,000 openings for airline and commercial pilots on average each year over the decade.

Foot Locker to close multiple locations

Foot Locker is closing 400 shopping mall locations to prioritize better earning stores.
The company’s new “Lace up” business plan was revealed this week.

The plan included opening free-standing shops targeting niche consumers such as sneakerheads, children, and higher-income shoppers.

Stock Update

Stocks jumped Tuesday with the Dow up more than 300 points.

Small banks soared as treasury secretary Janet Yellen pledged support.

Netflix plans to release 40 games in 2023

Netflix will add 40 more games to its platform in 2023, and is working with partners to produce 30 more. Additionally, Netflix has 16 new games in production at its in-house game studio.

Netflix said it’ll release new games every month in 2023, including an exclusive game from Ubisoft, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, set to debut on April 18.