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Chaplains helping chaplains in Carroll County

DELPHI, Ind. (WLFI) – Law enforcement is encouraged to seek help from local chaplains to get through the Delphi double homicide investigation, both mentally and emotionally.

But who is helping local chaplains with their feelings during this tragedy?

WLFI found out one man is traveling from Muncie to do just that.

More often than not chaplains and other religious leaders are sought out the most during times of grief.

“They have to be in a position where they are comforting everybody else, and they’re always ministering to someone else,” said Michael Osborne, Muncie and Gaston police chaplain.

But just like anyone, they feel tragedies too.

“These people are seeing all of this and, you know, they’re hurting,” Osborne said. “And who is trying to comfort them? That’s why I’m here.”

Osborne comes from a small town like Delphi – Gaston, Indiana.

“It’s about an hour or so, if you go the speed limit,” he joked.

His help is much appreciated. Apparently, Osborne is not the only one to provide this service to local chaplains and clergy in the area.

Carroll County Chaplain Ed Selvidge said, “Today, I had a chaplain from another county come and be with me. And we had breakfast, and we talked, and we were able to debrief a little bit and unwind a little bit. So, I have that.”

Selvidge leads Delphi investigators in prayer and encouragement every morning before they get started.

“For them to allow me to pray with them is our honor and we appreciate it so much,” he said.

Osborne said, “What we’ve had going on in Delphi is every parent’s nightmare.”

But Osborne said it’s also every chaplain’s nightmare.

“And they need to be rest assured that everything will be OK,” he said.

Osborne said post-traumatic stress disorder is very common among chaplains and people in similar positions. He has experienced it himself and hopes his assistance can prevent or aid anyone going through it at this time.

Osborne plans to continue helping in the Carroll County area as the investigation progresses.

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