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Chef Wendell: Dog food

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — American families love their dogs, but is your fur baby getting the proper nutrients to live a healthy disease-free and happy life? Enhancing your dog food can make it the most nutritious food you can feed your loyal friend. Show them your unconditional love in their doggie dish.The Do’s and Dont’s: 

  • Feeding your beloved dog properly is important to their well-being, life span, and overall health.
  • Please don’t let your dog get overweight. Food does not = love
  • Health foods = love
  • If your pet is overweight it should be examined for heart, thyroid or other metabolic disorders.
  • You should be able to feel their ribs through the skin
  • Dogs have been eating a raw food diet – naturally & instinctively – for 1000’s of years
  • Commercial pet food companies have only been around about 60 years.
  • Many of today’s diseases surfaced since the start of the processed, grain-based commercial pet foods.
  • Scrutinize labels, buy wholesome brands and even then you must upgrade your pooch’s meals.
  • If there are many toxic chemicals in human food you can imagine how many are in dog food.
  • Shadowy animal by-products. Ugh!
  • Today’s doggie food is stepped-on with corn, wheat, soy, animal offal, food colorings, and preservatives.
  • Corn is not easily digestible unless it’s refined into a meal or flour then cooked. Grain is hard for dogs to digest. Seek organic, grain-free, or make your own.
  • Do not find it cute to feed your dog junk food, they will eat anything. Thjey trust you unconditionally.
  • Dogs don’t know any better….you do.
  • Never feed them dairy, chocolate, coffee grounds, chips and pretzels, salty ham, grapes, raisins, nutmeg, baking powder / soda, avocado, smoked meats, Jerky treats from China, bacon, hot dogs, or sugary foods.

Supplement your loyal pets food with:

  • Boxed meat stock, ground flax or chia seed with Omega-3, critical for skin and coat health and prevents dry, itchy skin and hot spots.
  • Fish oil or sardines are brilliant heart disease prevention.
  • Brown rice or quinoa.
  • Turmeric and fish oil daily.
  • Raw honey
  • Occasionally add a cooked egg white, chopped wheat grass, peas, green beans, cooked sweet potato, or grated apples (no seeds), carrot, coconut oil.
  • Dogs supplemented with vitamins, probiotics and enzymes live tail-wagging, long and healthy lives.

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