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Choosing the best wireless plan for you

(WTNH/MONEY) – For many families, your cell phone costs is one of the most expensive bills, but you can save money by rethinking the plan you’re on. MONEY compared 90 plans offered by 10 major carriers to come up with the best coverage for your needs.

Here’s a sample of what they found:

Moms and dads! Let’s start with coverage for families. If you have data hungry kids – you may want to research the Boost Mobile Family Plan.

MONEY picked them as the best for families because of the high-speed unlimited data that comes on two of the lines. Plenty for music and streaming.

Another good one for fast, broad coverage for families to check out is the Verizon 20GB PLAN. That’s 20GB shared among four people. On that one, you can also add things like tablets or smartwatches for $5-$15 per month.

For individuals who are average data users: Virgin Mobile’s $40 unlimited plan. MONEY says that plan is best because it has more than enough data for the average user plus extra perks for iPhone users like a $5 monthly auto pay discount.

For extreme data individuals, check out Cricket Pro. The AT&T subsidiary offers a lot of data for around 50 or 60 bucks and notes it’s sticker prices *include* taxes unlike most of their rivals.

To see a more specific breakdown of the plans click here. There you can also answer a few questions to find a plan that specifically meets your needs!