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City of Indianapolis continuing to fix potholes

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – You can call it bad luck but it’s still a pain for the drivers who hit a pothole at the wrong angle leading to a costly repair bill.

“I’ve lost one tire so far already, and then my daughter lost a rim and the whole anti-roll bar in her front suspension. So that was over $600 just in pothole repairs,” driver Michael Moore said.

Repair shops around the city are fixing cracked rims and popped tires among other costly repairs.

“There’s so many of them you can’t get to them and the little ones become the big ones. That’s what you have to watch because some of these, if you hit them the right way, it can actually take out a wheel bearing too,” Bill Amonett with Beck Service Center in south Indianapolis said.

The cost can vary. Some people reported having to spend as much as $700 to have their cars repaired.

Drivers say the potholes are so bad at some intersections that it backs up traffic.

“We’re around Keystone, there are three lanes there, I’ve never seen anyone use the right lane because every 5 seconds there’s like this huge pothole,” driver Javier de Dios said. “You could see the car go boom, boom.”

The city says it is trying to get to all the reported potholes and patch them up. Until then, there’s not much people can do other than check their route online through the city website and hope for the best.

“Oh yeah, it’s every car,” Amonett said, talking about which cars this can affect. “It doesn’t matter if it’s two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive or a low profile car. You hit a pothole and there’s nothing you can do with it.”

Since the beginning of the year, Indianapolis road crews have filled more than 2,000 pothole service requests.

Each of those requests can represent up to a dozen potholes each.

To report a pothole call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327­-4622 or submit a request here.