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Dallas police ambush hits close to home for Indy neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The ambush of police in Dallas hits close to home for one Indianapolis neighborhood that lost an IMPD officer two years ago.

Officer Perry Renn was shot and killed in the line of duty in July 2014. He was more than just a police officer for many people living in the subdivision across the street from Clinton Young Elementary.

“He was a very beloved member of our neighborhood who will never be forgotten and can never be replaced,” said Susan Young, president of Perry Woods 2 Association.

Young told 24-Hour News 8 by phone that Perry Renn was a husband, friend and a good neighbor.

“Our subdivision has really, you know, come together. We still — after two years — still support her and do whatever we can for the police department,” she said.

You can see the show of support with blue lights on the front porch of several homes. Young said about three to four months ago they also put up a plaque to honor the memory of Renn.

“It’s a reminder to us and to people who see it that we as a community and we of Perry Woods 2 have lost something significant,” she said.

According to the Officers Down Memorial Page, 60 IMPD officers have died in the line of duty since 1882.

The most recent killing includes Officer Rod Bradway in 2013 and Officer David Spencer Moore in 2011. Young said her neighborhood is still coping with the loss of Renn.

“I really think, in our neighborhood, really it just started to sink in that Perry has been gone two years,” she said.

While the days ahead won’t be easy, Young is urging for everyone to come together.

“He would want us to do whatever we can to raise up our IMPD and support them, and that’s what our community needs to do,” she said.

Click here or here if you would like to help the families of the officers injured and killed in the line of duty in Dallas.