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Dave, Randy talk about their holiday fruitcake exchange

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Dave and Randy have a special tradition around the holiday’s by exchanging a fruitcake. The exchange is because their birthdays fall on either side of the holiday season.

They say the tradition started in the 1980s and has been going strong ever since. However, neither of them like fruitcake. In the video they try and see who will cave and try the cake.

Here are some fun facts about fruitcakes:

  • Fruitcakes are a holiday tradition for some Hoosiers.
  • The cake dates back to Roman times, when it used to have raisins, pomegranate and pine nuts.
  • Preserved fruit wasn’t added until the middle age.
  • The cake has some nutritional value.
  • It doesn’t spoil fast, making it a great snack for hikers.
  • There is a fruitcake competition in Colorado every year.