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Daybreak team talks ‘dabbing’ after Paul Ryan shows off his moves

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – House Speaker Paul Ryan held a town hall Thursday night, and during one of the lighter moments he talked about that moment last week when a congressman’s son started dabbing during a photo. Ryan stopped the teen, but Thursday night Ryan showed off his moves.

“I actually do know what a dab is. Just for the record. It’s this,(dabs) you know, i do. So the most amusing thing will be a week ago, where we swore people in, this congressman’s son, we are doing the post. We were doing it. He wasn’t doing a dab by the way, it looks like he was sneezing, going like this, holding a bible like. This that’s not dabbing in my opinion. Cam Newton dabs,” Ryan said.

Ryan went on to say that he did think that moment was funny.

24-Hour News 8’s Meteorologist Randy Ollis learned how to “dab” last week on Daybreak. This week, WISH-TV’s Kylie Conway, Lauren Lowrey, and Paul Poteet slightly attempted to show off their moves.

Watch the hilarious video above.

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