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Deadline to get health insurance approaches

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For those who are not already covered, the deadline to get health insurance is Sunday night, and many local groups are working to help those with any questions before they sign up.

“The health insurance marketplace is not something very simplistic to understand,” Amanda Budzenski told 24-Hour News 8. “If you need help understanding what a deductible or a co-payment is, or what plan best meets your family’s needs, we have individuals here who are experts to help you.”

Budzenski is a manager for the 56th Street Enrollment Assistance Center.

For anyone without insurance that feels like the penalty on their Form 1040 filings for 2014, the costs will only increase. For anyone choosing not to get insured, the greater of either $325 per person or 2 percent of their household income will be incurred on next year’s tax filings, making it a big reason people may choose to get coverage.

“Well I don’t really go to doctors or anything, but I don’t want to pay the penalty,” Kevin Kim said in regard to his decision to get insurance coverage. “In that sense, it was important, I guess.”

There is also assistance in Spanish and other languages for those who need it to navigate what can be a tricky process.

“My health is very important and if you have good health, you will have a better quality of life,” Yesenia Colon said through an interpreter. “I did not want to do it alone. It is a lot of information for someone who does not know.”

“We really are here to help you and find what your individual families need for coverage and anything within your household we can identify areas that need improvement,” Budzenski said.

At last count, nearly 199,000 Hoosiers signed up for health insurance through the marketplace, which is already up from the 135,000 enrollments last year.