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Delphi teen murder victim’s family speaks publicly for first time

DELPHI, Ind. (WISH) – The family of one of the teenagers murdered in February along the Monon High Bridge Trail spoke publicly for the first time on Thursday.

Libby German’s family joined investigators in a news conference at the Carroll County courthouse.

The press conference started with a moment of prayer.

German’s grandfather Mr. Patty read a statement from Abby William’s family.

“Abby and Libby loved each other, throughout this tragedy we have honored their memory by caring for and respecting each other. We respect Libby’s family decision to speak publicly at this time, just as they respect our families decision not to speak publicly; family of Abby Williams. I would also ask the media to respect their choice. Let me reach out to you if they so desire to do it,” Mr. Patty read.

Mr. Patty then read a letter from Libby’s family. Part of it said:

There are too many ways to count how our lives will be forever impacted to share here today. I imagine most people listening that have raised or are raising children know how kids can be. A phrase that was jokingly attached to Libby in our family, from asking her to pick up her shoes, her school backpack, her coat, her first reply would almost always be ‘I will in a minute.’ We joked with her about this all the time. I believe if she were able to speak she would ask people, please give her the one minute she always asked for; to really study the picture and listen to the audio clip. Someone out there knows this person or persons. He’s someone’s neighbor, co-worker, family member, friend, husband or acquaintance. If and when any new information is released by law enforcement, please take another minute from your day to review all of the information and help us collect the pieces of this puzzle. Both of our families are requesting everyone to please help Abby and Libby. Look for someone who has recently changed their appearance, cut their hair, shaved or started wearing different clothes. Have they changed in some manner that just seems a little odd? If you think it could be and then say, no he’s not like that. Go with your initial instinct.Let law enforcement run that information and make that determination. However small it make seem, it is extremely vital to catch your every tip we can get. Please, we need your help.”

He then thanked law enforcement and those who have helped throughout the investigation.

Patty said the day before Abby and Libby went missing they pulled out their softball gear to practice for the upcoming season.

He said he hopes some of the community’s donations can go toward a softball park in Abby and Libby’s names. He’s also hoping some of the money can go to a scholarship fund.

Officers said they’ve gotten about 11,000 tips in the case and they’ve ruled out about 2,000. Police said about 1,500 tips still need to be assigned to investigators.

Watch the full press conference in the video above.

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