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Dismantled gang may have targeted local drug stores

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — David Apodaca is a pharmacist.

He works long hours to ensure his customers get their prescriptions filled.

Recently, thieves have targeted drug stores during break-ins, or even robberies. Apodaca’s store has been targeted a time or two.

“You have to keep chugging along and keep working, put it in the back of your mind. You have to dispense medicine,” said Apodaca.

Recently police arrested 35 suspects, and according to investigators, 20 of those arrested were members of the “Block Burners” gang.

Investigators took drugs, guns, and $53,000 in cash. Federal investigators are looking to identify the gangs’ suppliers and bring them to justice.

Agents believe one way the gang may have received some of the drugs is by breaking into drug stories or robberies.

“I would think that from their perspective, it’s probably the easiest way,” said Apodaca.

Most drug stores have security cameras, security, and even signs informing the customers that the store doesn’t carry high-level narcotics.

“You listen to what they say and do what they say. Don’t mess with trying to stop them, don’t try to be hero,” said Apodaca.