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Drinksgiving: Survey says Thanksgiving is biggest drinking holiday

(WFLA) – A new survey says Thanksgiving is the prime time to pop open a bottle.

Drizly, a liquor-delivery app, conducted a survey of its customers’ drinking habits on the holidays.

The company found wine is the most popular Thanksgiving beverage with 63 percent of people choosing between red or white.

Almost 20 of people choose beer, and that number gets cut in half for those who are enjoying straight mix drinks.

And the 5 o’clock somewhere rule goes out the window on Thanksgiving. One out of four people bust out the drinks in the morning when the bird goes in the oven, and almost half of those cooking crack one open as soon as the prep work is done.

The magic number of drinks most people will consume is about three to five with 8 percent of people usually losing count.

But, don’t worry – the family still wins on Turkey Day. If given the choice, 65 percent of people would prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving with family than Friendsgiving with their buds.