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Driver crashes into car, home, then takes off

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is investigating after a reckless driver caused thousands of dollars in damage in a near east side neighborhood.

A victim said a violent crime in another neighborhood affected the police response time. 

Jane McGill said she was at home with her husband Thursday night when she heard a few loud noises near North Highland Avenue and East New York Street. Somebody had sideswiped her neighbor’s car and crashed through her backyard fence. 

“I don’t know if the car hit our house,” McGill said as she walked around the shredded wood from her fence. 

McGill said she looked out her window around 10:30 p.m., just after the crash, and saw the driver’s headlights moving east down Marlowe Avenue, a block south of where the loud noises were heard. 

“Officer Brian Alvarado did a really nice job with us when he got here,” McGill said. “But, you can tell they were strapped.” 

According to McGill, it took police about 90 minutes to show up and IMPD told her they were busy responding to a homicide at East 10th and Oxford streets, 2 miles from McGill’s home. 

“It’s frustrating for us. I’m sure it’s frustrating for the officers. This is a really big deal to us, but, in the grand scheme, it’s not really something they could take on or treat as a big deal to them,” McGill said. 

She said she appreciated IMPD calling her back to let her know they’d be a while. 

“We certainly understood that.”

IMPD declined to comment on whether the rise in violent crime is affecting their resources. A police spokesperson said in a text to News 8, “When are no injuries and no suspects, it becomes low priority and is put in the run que for the first available officer.” 

A police report states an officer was sent to McGill’s home at 12:26 a.m. Friday. 

McGill said a neighbor told her they saw a red sport-utility vehicle or truck driving away around the time of the crash. 

“If anyone has a good fencing estimate or sees a red SUV with a bunch of damage, give us a call,” she said. 

Anyone with information on the crime can call 317-262-8477 with an anonymous tip. 

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