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Drivers, pedestrians voice frustrations over added downtown construction

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — More construction signs went up downtown — and that’s causing a lot of headache for drivers who are trying to get around the city.

“It’s frustrating because they’ll have random streets shut down,” said Dani Reisinger, an Indianapolis resident.

“The construction has been really loud. We live in downtown Indianapolis, so it’s been a little bit of a challenge,” said Kelsey Russell, another resident.

With more roads being closed for construction downtown, some drivers and pedestrians are growing frustrated.

“It’s hard commuting and trying to figure out what time to leave in the morning. Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes, sometimes it takes me 40 minutes — and it’s just really, really loud all the time,” Reisinger said.

Last week, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works said the westbound lane of Market Street to Monument Circle will be closed. They say the goal is to revitalize the area and make it more accessible for those with disabilities.

They’re also adding more parking. The northbound, easternmost lane of Illinois Street at the Market Street intersection is also closed to traffic.

“If you want new roads, be patient with us. Everyone wants new roads, so that requires construction and so a little bit of a headache before it gets really nice, so just be patient. We’re working as hard as we can,” said Indianapolis Public Works Public Information Officer Hannah Scott-Carter.

There are also safety concerns.

“Right now, we’re trying to walk to a store and we have to take a whole detour that we might end up in a not-so-safe part of town unintentionally, just because of the detours,” Reisinger said.

On Monday, crews started resurfacing parts of South St, McCarty St., Capitol St and Missouri St. The work is expected to be complete by early November, but some residents are concerned construction will take longer.

“Winter’s coming. No one can do construction in the winter. You kind of just have to do it when we can, so I get it because I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life … It’s just part of being here, I think, but that doesn’t make it not frustrating,” Russell said.