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East Coast storm prompts 60 Indy flight cancellations

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An expected East Coast blizzard prompted more than 30 flight cancellations Friday at the Indianapolis International Airport.

An airport spokesperson said at least 37 Saturday flights are already cancelled.

Rick Egli, 478 miles from home, played the waiting game Friday as he eyed the message board in the airport lobby.

“I’m just a little worried my flight might be cancelled and I’ll be stuck in Indianapolis.”

Egli was headed to Chicago then Des Moines — two cities not in the storm’s path. However, airport spokesperson Angela Cain said widespread delays were making it difficult for planes to get to the Midwest.

“I don’t think my planes are coming from the east,” Egli said. “So, hopefully, they’ll be able to make it to Indianapolis so I can make it out.”

Egli didn’t want to see his flight status in red, signifying a delay or cancellation.

That’s exactly what happened to Carisa Laughon after a delay on her flight to Atlanta. She ended up switching flights, and she hoped to land three hours later than expected.

“I’m just wishing I knew a little bit sooner because I’d been checking online prior to coming to this airport. But it’s not too big of a deal. I have plenty of work I can do here,” Laughon said.

Multiple airlines sent planes from the east Coast to Indianapolis for storage.

Airport spokesman Jeff Dutton said the goal was to keep the planes out of the snow and ice.