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Electric and DPW crews continue to clean mess left by Wednesday’s storms

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Wednesday’s strong storms continue to create issues for neighbors, from power outages to downed trees.

Work to fix the issues intensified Friday for some west side neighbors. Edgewood Avenue neighbors were thrilled to see the effort after a tree slammed into a pole.

“I even took a picture and texted it to the people I work with, and said, yay they’re here,” Indianapolis resident Bill Dickson said.

“The kids were all excited,” Indianapolis resident Stacey Yingling said. “Just kind of thankful.”

After nearly 40,000 IPL customers lost power from Wednesday’s storms, Edgewood Avenue is one of the last to get it back.

The power restoration was good news for Stacey Yingling, who has seven children.

“It’s a hassle to pick up and have to go somewhere else for my kids to be able to bath, and I’ve got a little baby that I’ve got to make bottles, which sucks,” Yingling said.

She’s not alone. Dickson is also ready for life to return to normal.

“Candles, flashlights, those kind of things,” Dickson said. “Sitting in the car to charge your cellphone.”

While city crews were able to clean some neighborhoods, other west side communities are littered with trees and branches.

“All through the block, on each block, if you drive, you can go through each block, you can see different disasters where it fell on people’s fences, and properties,” Indianapolis resident Nathan Nichols said.

Six city DPW crews worked on downed trees Friday. IPL had 400 crews repairing lines, including some from Dayton, Ohio.

After days of problems, IPL officials expect the outages to end by Friday night. News some neighbors are excited to hear.

“I haven’t seen nothing this bad,” Nichols said. “Like I said, we’ve been without power for three days now.”

As far as tree removal responsibility, DPW officials said if it’s on a right-away, the city takes care of it. If it’s on a homeowner’s property, it’s their responsibility. If you need debris removed call, (317) 327-4MAC (4622).