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English Ivy’s removes bricks from front windows

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A downtown Indianapolis bar says it will no longer hide behind its brick facade.

English Ivy’s is removing the bricks covering its windows, and replacing them with glass.

Until last week, the bricks had been up over the LGBT-friendly bar and restaurant for years.

The restaurant-bar is located in the 900 block of Alabama Street.

There are two windows that will have the brick replaced.

The restaurant came under new ownership last year.

The furniture and menu were updated.

Management says the windows will shed new light on the restaurant.

“I’ve been here going on 10 years, and I’ve seen the bar change a lot. I’ve seen the neighborhood change a lot and it’s all for the better and these windows are pushing us forward,” said Terri Lentz, a bartender at the bar. “The minute I walk in, my heart just feels open and fabulous, and I can’t quit smiling.”

“We were so afraid that if we uncovered the windows that people would see in and then realize that it was a gay bar,” said Phil Denton, the owner of Greg’s Place. “We did one window first to see how that would go, and tinted it so people could see out, but not see in.”

Greg’s Place is a gay bar located a few blocks north of English Ivy’s. Up until a few years ago they had wood covering their windows.

Denton says in the past the building has been shot at, and bricks were thrown through the window.

Management at English Ivy’s says they hope to have the work completed by next week.

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