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Fashion label’s new crotchless jeans now selling for $570

(WCMH) – Not to be outdone by the RompHim, Lacey Shorts or pre-dirtied jeans, these crotchless jeans hope to be the next big thing.

The “Detachable Button Down Pants” are made by Y/Project, a Paris-based clothing brand.

The “pants” are essentially a denim waist belt holding up two pant legs with adjustable straps.

Despite not having a large chunk of fabric one would normally associate with jeans, the pants don’t come at a discount. They sell on for $570.

If you want to complete the look, it will cost nearly $2,500. The “pants” are pictured here along with an $873 button down dress and $995 leather pumps.

If you want a pair, act soon. They are already sold out in sizes 36 and 38.

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