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Fired Up Nutrition visits Life. Style. Live!

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- Fired Up Nutrition was started by Karolina Lezon after she decided she wanted to help people.

Lezon is passionate about fitness and health, and wanted to offer that same opportunity to everyone.

Fired Up Nutrition provides meal replacement shakes as well as energy drinks, all nutrient dense.

According to Lezon, Each meal comes with all natural teas, green and black tea blends.

This tea has antioxidants, hydrating caffeine, and each cup burns around 80 calories.

The meal also comes with a shot of aloe.

The aloe is great for the digestive system, lubricating joints, and it also helps to absorb all the nutrients in the shake.

The meal replacement shakes have all the nutrients you could one in one meal in the shake. 

The healthy meal replacement shakes are made with soy isolate proteins. 

Soy isolate is made by taking out the calories and protein that is in the soy bean and leaving the protein behind.

Soy isolate is a more pure form of soy. Fired Up Nutrition also offers costumers whey protein from their black line product.

Lezon recommends the whey protein to our athletes that come in or to those who are going or coming from a work out.