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Former Bayh aide looking to run for governor

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Tom Sugar is considering a run for governor.

Who is Tom Sugar, you ask?

He just might become the most interesting candidate in the 2016 field because Sugar is a former top aide to Evan Bayh, a Democratic legend.

And Bayh is sitting on $10 million in campaign funds that he could share. Bayh may play a significant role in this race.

Tom Sugar, who recently began a non-profit pursuing redistricting and voting reform, says he will decide on a bid for governor within 30 days.

He is considering it based on encouragement from around the state, he said.

2012 nominee John Gregg is currently the leading Democrat in the race but many in his party question whether Gregg deserves a second opportunity after losing to Mike Pence.

Two other Democrats are struggling to win support. Glenda Ritz and Karen Tallian are both far behind Gregg when it comes to fundraising.

Look for Sugar to play up his connection to Evan Bayh.

“I will never operate as though I’m entitled to his support,” said Sugar. “I’ll work my butt off to earn it.”

Sugar’s goal is to change the system and says a Sugar campaign would remind people of John McCain’s Straight Talk Express.

“If I get into this thing, I’ll participate in the Democratic primary,” he said, “but I’ll run as an independent Democrat. That’s what I will call myself because both parties are to blame for the state of our politics today and both parties must be a part of the solution.”

All of this activity is prompted by the fact that Democrats believe Governor Mike Pence is beatable in 2016.

Sugar requested that we avoid calling Evan Bayh for comment at this point because his wife Susan is recovering from brain surgery.

State Democratic Chairman John Zody declined comment on the potential of Sugar getting in the race, and so did John Gregg.