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Golf outing honors memory of fallen Deputy Carl Koontz

HOWARD COUNTY (WISH) — The community came together Friday to raise $11,000 for a scholarship fund in memory of Howard County Deputy Carl Koontz.

A man shot and killed Koontz while the deputy was serving a warrant in Russiaville back in March.

Koontz’s widow, Kassie Koontz, said she she is amazed by the ongoing support from the community four months later.

Close friends, family and law enforcement enjoyed a day on the golf course Friday, but at the same time they didn’t forget who they’re playing for.

“Just knowing that it’s been almost four and half months and all the support, all the prayers, all the thoughts are still there,” Koontz said.

160 people registered for the first annual golf outing at Wildcat Creek in Kokomo. Money raised from the outing will go toward the Northwestern Scholarship Fund. Koontz worked as a school resource officer for that district.

“Everything is going towards the scholarship fund to give back to the kids that Carl loved dearly,” she said.

Koontz wants to keep her husband’s memory alive especially for their one year old son.

“In my heart I know he is still here, he lived through Noah so much and every time I see Noah I think Carl every day for him,” she said.

Koontz said Noah recently celebrated a birthday.

“It was a very emotional day,” she said. “We went to the zoo; at the zoo there were signs that I feel like Carl was there.”

Koontz said she can also feel his presence at the golf course. Friends, like Deputy Michael Hamilton, feel the same way.

“He’s definitely around us, you know, letting us know that he’s still around watching over us and taking care of us,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton said he can’t help but to think about what happened on the night of the shooting.

“There’s definitely some moments that I kind of reflect back to that night, but it’s one of those things. All of my personal feelings and everything else I have to set aside in order to make sure that the job gets done,” he said.

While on the golf course, Hamilton said he’s focusing on something else.

“The main focus for me and the people I’m golfing with just to have a good time,” he said, “We know Carl loved to play golf, and he would want us to have a good time.”

A bridge down the street from the sheriff’s department will be dedicated in memory of Deputy Koontz next week.