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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Evelyn Magley makes history with ‘The Basketball League’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Evelyn Magley is making basketball history in the Hoosier state as the first woman to own a professional men’s league, but when she founded The Basketball League there was something else she was after.

“Touching lives, changing lives and using basketball as a tool to do that,” she said.

Even though it seemed like the COVID-19 pandemic might make that mission more difficult, it actually had a different impact.

“Last season we had to end because of COVID and we had 12 teams in the league,” said Magley. “Over the pandemic, believe it or not, we tripled in size, so now we have 35 teams.”

Ball players from the East Coast, West Coast and the Midwest are bringing their talents to TBL. Magley said players can enter as early as age 18.

“If you still got game, if you’re 40, go for it, ” she said. “But I’m going to tell you we got a lot of young legs out there.”

Magley says this league isn’t just about the game itself. They want young men to be active in the communities they play in and make an impact on the younger generation. She recently launched the Junior TBL and plans to expand the program across the entire league. Magley has also implemented financial literacy programs that she wants to make an impact in communities off the court across America.

She’s not done there.

“I see a WTBL for Women coming very soon,” she said.

With Magley’s league continuing to grow, she has a message to others who are chasing their dreams.

“When you have a vision that is in your heart, don’t let anything stop you,” she said. “That vision is given from within and for me I believe it’s given from above.”

You can learn more about Magley and the TBL here.