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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Lead At Any Level

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — Amy Waninger believes in building leaders, so she created a business dedicated to molding them.

“The founding principle behind Lead at Any Level is that leaders can be anywhere and should be everywhere in companies,” she said. “We’ll go through an assessment period where we kind of figure out what is it that they most need in their culture. What’s missing? Whose voices aren’t being heard and how can we bring more voices to the table?”

Waninger says she spends a lot of time teaching companies how to change with the times: “Everywhere that people are doing business, they’re business has changed and if companies don’t change with it they’re going to be left behind they’re going to become obsolete.”

Waninger has no problem taking her own advice. “Even though I just used to do live events, now I do live events, hybrid events [and] online events.

She says she decided to start the business after going to a conference where she only seemed to hear problems with her industry and no solutions. Lead at Any Level launched in 2017 and she says after it took a little while to gain momentum, it took off a couple years later. In 2020, she spoke at 75 engagements.

Waninger has authored six books since her first in 2018 and when she’s not writing, she’s hosting her podcast “See It to Be It,” where she tackles different industry topics with other professionals. So far, she’s recorded 52 episodes.

“I really believe in this notion that one person’s impact can cast ripples and I think if we’re intentional about the kinds of ripples we create we can really change the world,” Waninger said.