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Greenwood chiropractor heading to Rio as doctor for Team USA

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — Being chosen to represent the USA at the Olympics is a major honor for any athlete, but having the chance to go along as a team doctor is also a once in a lifetime experience.

A local Greenwood chiropractor will be packing her bags for Rio this summer.

Dr. Leanne Schlueter runs Greenwood Family Chiropractic and loves working with local athletes.

But this year she’ll have the opportunity to use her medical skills on an international stage.

When world class Taekwondo athlete Jesse Minton needs help with his craft, he turns to his chiropractor.

“I’ve been able to move quicker because the adjustments help release the pressure on my nerves,” he said.

He’s been a patient of Dr. Schlueter’s for about a year and was thrilled to hear that she’s heading to the Olympics.

There’s a countdown banner hung up in the office.

Thursday it showed 60 days until Rio.

“There’s still so much to do and get prepared for before we go,” Dr. Leanne Schlueter said, “I think once it becomes like a couple weeks out that’s where the true excitement is going to set in, when you’re like, I actually have to start packing.”

She’s not taking much with her, but said she’ll have the same tools she uses on athletes like Minton.

“We just pack up our tables and we get them adjusted out there,” she said.

She said her specific skills working with athletes helped her get an invitation to help the USA Wrestling team.

“Injury prevention is one that’s absolutely huge for these athletes,” she said, “They’re literally putting their bodies on the line to win these championships and they’re not adequately taking care of themselves.”

“I think the athletes will be completely blessed and I think their performance will really be enhanced by her being there,” Minton said.

She is especially grateful for this opportunity because she was invited to go to the London Olympics, but was unable to make the trip.

“The fact that they invited me to come, to be able to serve the athletes, is a great opportunity because it’s really a once in a lifetime chance to be able to have,” she said.

She also said the Zika virus scare won’t prevent her from making the trip.

She leaves for Rio de Janeiro mid-August and will be gone for about ten days.