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Greenwood teen recalls moment friend was shot in the face

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — A Greenwood teenager feels like he’s reliving a nightmare after witnessing his friend get shot in the face.

“The point where he shoots him, and the blood squirts out of his eye,” Logan Brissey said. “It’s all I really think about.”

The Greenwood teen was out with Zachary Edwards early Sunday morning. They weren’t alone.

Brissey said Isaac Stinemetz drove the group to the Pebble Creek subdivision. “He was swerving, going off the road, and everything,” Brissey said. “I was messing with Zach, ‘oh we’re going to die,’ and he started laughing about it,” Brissey continued.

But the joke became a reality after Edwards was suddenly shot in the face. “That’s what I’m trying to figure out,” Brissey said. “I don’t remember what they could’ve been arguing about.”

Officers arrested Stinemetz and charged him with reckless homicide. “He said he pointed the gun,” Greenwood Police Department Assistant Chief Matthew Fillenwarth said.

“He said he pulled the trigger. His only defense was that he thought the handgun was unloaded,” said Fillenwarth.

Officers said Stinemetz not only admitted to the shooting, but told them where he hid the gun. After the incident, they said he went to a drainage pipe and dropped the gun down below. Stinemetz led officers to the same spot, where they found the weapon.

“Once that bullet leaves that barrel, you can’t call it back,” Assistant Chief Fillenwarth said. “It’s not a video game, you don’t get to respawn with a new life.”

That’s a cold reality Assistant Chief Fillenwarth said Edwards’ family is now realizing. “I spent an hour with the victim’s parents,” Assistant Chief Fillenwarth said. “They’re just devastated. You don’t expect your 16-year-old to go out with his friends and never come back.”

It’s a scenario Brissey envisioned as well after he his nightmare began. “I didn’t know if he was going to shoot me, or what was going to happen,” Brissey said.

The county coroner said an autopsy started Monday on Edwards. Edwards was a student at Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation.

24-Hour News 8 spoke with the superintendent today who says they plan to offer grief counselors throughout the week.

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