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Have a pizza shipped to your door for Pizza Party Day

Have a pizza shipped to your door for Pizza Party Day

It’s almost National Pizza Party Day, and we’re celebrating with a pizza favorite, Giordano’s River’s Edge! 

Betsy Rodriguez, General Manager, Giordano’s River’s Edge, shares more on some of the tasty deals and what makes their popular pizza so unique! 

Have a pizza shipped to your door for Pizza Party Day

○ Pizza Party Day $5 off shipping. Code: PIZZAPARTY
■ Valid on shipping orders only – 5/13 through 5/17
○ Pizza Party Day $5 off $25. Code: 120-653-174

■ Valid only on 5/17 (restaurant and online orders)
○ Win a Pizza Party in honor of National Pizza Party Day!
■ Enter-to-win contest will be held on our Facebook page. Giordano’s will randomly select 10 winners. Winners will receive a $100 gift card to host a pizza party.
○ Timeframe
■ National Pizza Party Day is Friday, May 17th: Contest held on this date
■ Winner announced Monday, May 20th

About Giordano’s Pizza: 
● One of a Kind Pie: Putting a Giordano’s pizza together isn’t a one-person job, or an emotionless assembly line. It’s a 10-step family affair, played out in wordless synchrony. It takes six craftsmen, gathered around the same stainless steel island and applying their knowledge and skill to make the magic happen. Many of those pizza makers have been working at Giordano’s for more than 20 years.
● Stuffed Pizza: The “stuffed” distinction is what makes Giordano’s unique. There is a second
layer of dough, below the sauce, that seals in the flavors of the pizza making Giordano’s a true
soufflé like pizza pie.
● Wisconsin Mozzarella: Our signature Mozzarella cheese is specially produced for Giordano’s by skilled Wisconsin cheesemakers using only the very best milk from hard-working, local farmers. It is aged to perfection and freshly shredded in house every day to ensure thatrich, creamy, buttery flavor and the legendary Giordano’s melt.
● Hand-Picked Tomatoes: Giordano’s uses only the finest tomatoes in its pizza sauce, which are freshly prepared each day in house. These special tomatoes are exclusively grown in a small area in Northern California, Mendocino County,renowned for producing some of the best tomatoes in the world. They are nurtured by local farmers and carefully picked at just the right time to ensure they produce only the best tasting pizza sauce possible.

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Have a pizza shipped to your door for Pizza Party Day

Giordano’s has been serving its world-famous deep dish pizza since 1974, when founders, Efren and Joseph Boglio introduced their mother’s stuffed pizza recipe to Chicago. As one of the originators of what is now internationally known as Chicago-style deep dish pizza, Giordano’s has more than 70 restaurants nationwide and is proud to be considered Chicago’s #1 Deep Dish Pizza! In addition to expanding into the Las Vegas, Phoenix and Denver markets in recent years, Giordano’s has several restaurants in development within the Midwest, as well as otherlarge metropolitan cities, with openings scheduled throughout 2019 and beyond.

For more information, visit or connect on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

● Current number of restaurants:
○ Giordano’s has more than 70 restaurants nationwide throughout the Midwest (specifically IL, IN, MN, MI, OH) and in Florida, Las Vegas, Arizona and Denver, CO.

● Paving the way for deep-dish pizza:
○ Giordano’s offers a nationwide frozen shipping program year-round. You can ship cheese, pepperoni, sausage or spinach pizzas at