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Heavy rain leaves flooded roads behind

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a soggy start to the morning commute with heavy – almost relentless – rain pounding the area and leaving streets flooded.

If the rain wasn’t enough, the storm also brought hail, leaving behind a mess for many. At Little Raymond’s Print Shop soggy carpet and water stained ceiling tiles told the story. For others it was water in basements and leaky roofs.

On North College Avenue crews from Bone Dry Roofing responded to one of 12 plus emergency calls they received after the deluge of rain led to leaks.

“This customer had a small leak prior to the storm hitting – the storm amplified that leak,” said Bryan Johnson, sales manager for Bone Dry Roofing. “Not what you want to have on a Wednesday morning – or any morning for that matter.”

Taking preventative steps can stop situations like this Johnson said.

“The problem is people call when they have an active leak they’re doing damage to the inside and their cost went through the roof,” he said.

For others, the rain meant water in their basement. That’s the situation a homeowner on 44th Street – just west of Meridian Street – found himself in.

“Because the sewer system, the storm system just can’t handle all of the water that’s coming down that fast,” said Jack Hope, with Hope Plumbing. “Their carpets are pulled out right now, it’s backed up several times down there.”

To avoid it happening again a backwater valve is being installed.

“So if it is raining real hard the water starts coming in this way and it just pushes up against this flap and seals it so the water can’t come backwards into the house,” Hope said.

With more rain in the forecast it’s likely others will experience the same issues. Both Johnson and Hope said to make sure you deal with reputable contractors. All too often Mother Nature’s fury can unleash scammers who chase storms looking for victims to prey upon.