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How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

Ever heard of an E-Bike? Don’t know if it’s a good fit for YOU?

Well, with Bike-to-Work week still fresh in our minds, we’re taking a look at some new E-Bikes! This is especially timely because there has been some good news about Indiana law concerning E-Bikes and the rights of E-Bike riders.

We head outside our studios to let Anthony Barr, Mobile Cyclist, explain. 

Electric Bicycle Bill 1236:
What happened?

•    Until now, E-Bikes USED TO BE regulated as Combustion Engine: Mopeds or Scooters.
•    May 2, Governor Holcomb signed into law House Bill 1236
•    Indiana is one of 19 states that has enacted three-class e-bike law legislation.

What does the law cover?

•    Defines electric bicycles into (3) three classes and treated the same as bicycles.
o    Class 1:  Pedal-Assist Only         top speed 20 mph
o    Class 2:  Throttle controlled motor     top speed 20 mph
o    Class 3: Pedal-Assist Only         top speed 28 mph
    NOTE: Class 3 NOT allowed on trails, bike paths, multi-purpose in most cases.
•    Local authorities have jurisdiction to determine where and when Electric Bikes can be used.
•    Prior to bill passing …. It wasn’t clear whether E-Bikes could be legally ridden on roadways and multiuse paths.  
•    Now they are defined with regarding Where they can ride and Who Can Ride them…

How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

E-Bikes Continue to Evolve….

•    Designed to be as safe as traditional bicycles
•    Do not compromise consumer safety
•    Batteries are getting better and better:  More Efficient, Consistent Power,  Longer Life 

Why Choose E-Bikes?  
•    Affordable Recreation and Alternative Transportation
o    Average Amercian spends $ 3k on entertainment and $9K driving a car
o    E-bikes are average 1/3 of that total annual cost and its 1-time expense
•    No License… No Insurance…. Parking is Free….Each Charge ..about 10 cents..! 
•    Benefit bicyclists who may be discouraged from riding traditional bicycle due to:
o    Fitness… Age…  Disability or Convenience.
•    More people, both avid and occasional / “casual” cyclists are finding MORE reasons 
o    Riding longer distances
o    Riding more frequently 
o    Using for alternative transportation
o    Mountain Bikers even using now… ! 

How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

E-Bike Brands: Magnum and Pedego

o    Magnum Metro:  $1,995
•    Founded in Israel – Worldwide distribution now 
•    6 Levels Pedal Assist  /  
•    Integrated lights – Front and Back
•    Strong – Puncture Resistant Tires
•    Low-Step- Protects Battery
•    Front Fork Suspension – Casual 
•    50lbs weight 
•    Tool-Free Handlebar adjustment ! 
•    8-Speed Bike – Does Have Gears!
•    Range: 30 – 60 miles depending on power level used
•    6 hours to charge battery fully

o   Pedego Interceptor  – $ 3,500 (approx.)
•    Founded by 2 guys who got tired of riding up and down hill to beach in Newport, CA
•    Opened E-Bike shop,  wanted higher quality E-bikes, founded his own company..! 
•    Wide range of various models / purposes 
•    Very large US Dealer Network for support

Links for More Information: 

Indiana House Bill 1236:

Indiana E-Bike Law – Summary:

Magnum Bike provided by :  e-Boom Electric Bikes

Pedego E-Bike provided by:  Pedego Bikes Carmel

More about Mobile Cyclist:

•    Barr enjoyed discovering how people could enjoy bicycling no matter where they were or what type of bike they used.
•    His curiosity and creativity led to the idea of showcasing the personal stories of fellow cyclists, the sights and sounds of places that make up the diverse cultures of cycling cities and the people who bring it to life. 
•    After a 20+-year career in the health care industry, Anthony decided to combine his passion and purpose by starting his own production company, Two Wheel Films, Inc. and creating “Mobile Cyclist.”
•    “Mobile Cyclist” has now launched episodes in 12 cities, including Cincinnati, Ohio, San Francisco, Calif., Sun Valley, Idaho, Asheville, N.C. and the Katy Trail, the longest greenway in the U.S. that stretches across Missouri.

Head to to learn more, to sign up for the newsletter for news on episode releases and see more episodes from all over the U.S.  ! 

UPCOMING RIDES & EVENTS :  May / Early June 

How to decide if an E-Bike is right for you

Sunday, May 26th 
Bike to the Indy 500 Race
•    When: 7:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT
•    Where:  Indianapolis City Market,  222 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN 
•    What:  (Social Event) – Don’t sit in traffic when you can pedal past the crowds on a police escorted route and park at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The fun starts at 7:30am on the east plaza of the City Market. Prep for your four mile bicycle ride with music, food, drinks, and family fun! The party leaves downtown at 9:30. Ride with several hundred others from downtown to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where your bicycle will be parked and monitored while you enjoy the Greatest Spectacle in Racing.
•    How: Tickets are $13 in advance and $20 the day of the event. Race Day ticket sales end at 9:00.*
•    More Info:

Friday May 31st
Bike Party Brown County
•    When:  7:00pm – 10:00pm 
•    Where: Brown County IN – Hard Truth Hills / Big Woods, Old State Rd 46, Nashville, IN 47448
•    What: (Social Ride – Slow)  We’ll meet at Hard Truth Hills, park in the gravel lot behind the distillery and take our ride from there to different stops along the way. We’ll end at Hard Truth Hills, they’ll have their patio and grill open with food and drinks to purchase so join us and enjoy the live music on the deck outside. The gate will be open so you can pull your bike inside. We hope to see you soon! 
•    How: Free..! 
•    Info:

Sunday, June 2nd 
B-Town Bike Market
•    When: 9 AM – 1 PM
•    Where: Showers Plaza, Bloomington, IN – 
•    What: (Bicycle Swap Meet) Join us at Showers Plaza in Bloomington, IN for the B-Town Bike Market. Buy, sell or possibly trade your bike(s) or bike parts or bike related gear or art. 
•    How: Free Admission to buyers /  vendors pay $20
•    How: Register

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