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How to make stainless steel appliances look new again

We love the look, but how easy are they to clean? We’re talking stainless steel appliances, and who better to give us a few tips than Matt Dittemore of Special Stainless Steel?! Today, he shows us how to make something with scratches… look like new again!

Specialty Stainless Steel Polishing is a division of Specialty Stainless Steel Fabrication, which is starting its 15th year of being in business in the Indianapolis area.

The polishing side is a spin off, from request of on site repairs to stainless steel appliances that have been starched on site by builders, install companies, and yes, cleaning companies.

We have had  individuals ask how we do this repair openly, and there is no good response, as not all repairs and polish work is the same.

Polishing stainless is nothing new to those in the industry; polishing appliances in a home is totally a new idea.  I tell people polishing stainless is like carpet cleaning.  Carpet cleaning was invented after time because carpets got dirty.  Where there is a need, there is a service, that is what we are offering, a service.

Let’s not get this service confused with dent removal or cleaning out the inside of a store or oven!

We are not that kind of company!  What we are offering is to make older stainless appliances look newer, not perfect, but way nicer.

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