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Coroner says Dreasjon ‘Sean’ Reed shot multiple times in homicide

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — I-Team 8 has obtained a new report from the Marion County Coroner’s Office that says Dreasjon “Sean” Reed was shot multiple times in a homicide.

Reed was shot by police in what Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says was a shootout on May 6 behind a business in the 6200 block of Michigan Road. Reed made a Facebook Live post of the chase that led up to the shootout. He died at the scene.

The coroner’s office classified Reed’s death as a homicide. To be clear, a homicide just means one person killed another person, but not by accident. The term does not mean it was criminal; it also covers justified shootings. The Reed family has called this a murder the entire time.

The coroner’s office says this autopsy was released to special prosecutor Rosemary Khoury on June 22, but we did not know any of the details until now. The special prosecutor filed a petition Tuesday in a Marion County courtroom to block the release of the autopsy report.

Reed’s mother on Wednesday filed an objection to the special prosecutor’s request to block the release of the autopsy report.

Last week, a judge granted a request from Khoury to order the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and the Marion County Crime Lab to hand over all evidence in the case to the Indiana State Police.

About a week ago, state police investigators were back at the scene but would not tell I-Team 8 what they were looking for.

There is no public timeline for when more information or when decisions might come down.

Reed’s mother issued a statement Wednesday through her lawyer:

“Repeatedly, we have tried to make sense of why everything in this case deviates from normal. We cannot make sense of it. At every turn during this ‘transparent’ investigation, we have had to fight for even the most basic information. Irrespective of any requests the Coroner’s Office may have received to do otherwise, they have not been absolved of their obligation to comply with Indiana law and release the autopsy report to Dreasjon’s mother.

“We have learned that the autopsy report has been completed since June 12th. We have spent 26 days since then, respectfully requesting that Dreasjon’s mother be given that which the law says she’s entitled to. Our patience has worn thin. Our trust has been eroded. Our kindness has been interpreted as weakness. We will not ask again. We will let the courts decide.”