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Police testify at trial for suspect in murder of Officer Breann Leath

Indianapolis police testify in trial of Elliahs Dorsey

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Jurors heard emotional testimony from several Indianapolis police officers during the second day of the murder trial of Elliahs Dorsey.

He has been accused of killing Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Breann Leath.

Dorsey is accused of the fatal shooting of Indianapolis police officer Breann Leath while she and other officers responded to a domestic dispute just after 2:45 p.m. April 9, 2020, in the 1800 block of Edinburge Square. That’s in an apartment complex located southeast of the I-70 interchange with I-465.

IMPD Detective Sgt. Garth Schwomeyer was one of the officers who responded the scene. He was one of the officers who helped arrest Dorsey following the shooting. On the stand, Schwomeyer described Dorsey as fighting against being in custody by kicking his legs and trying to turn over.

On the day of the shooting, Schwomeyer was interviewed at the scene as part of the investigation. During that interview, he described Dorsey as acting crazy.

IMPD officers also testified that Dorsey told them he did not know Leath was an officer when he opened fire through the closed door of an apartment.

After being arrested, Dorsey was taken to be interviewed by police. On the car ride, IMPD officers testified, Dorsey asked about Leath’s condition.

Multiple IMPD officers also testified that Dorsey had said people were trying to kill him.

The prosecution played part of a profanity-laced 911 tape that captured the audio of Dorsey’s arrest. In the tape, the courtroom could hear officers cursing at Dorsey and telling him he was going to get the chair for what he did. During the playing of the 911 tape, Dorsey was heard asking officers not to kill him and that there were people who were trying to kill him.

At the end of testimony on Tuesday, jurors heard from the crime scene technician who cataloged the scene of the shooting. She testified that she found 12 shell casings and three guns. The shell casings were .223 caliber, the same caliber of gun that Dorsey fired through the door, killing Leath.

The crime scene technician also testified that she did not find any marijuana or drug paraphernalia at the scene. During opening arguments on Monday, the prosecution said it would prove that Dorsey was a chronic marijuana user and had been using marijuana the day of the shooting.

Opening statements also centered around the mental state that Dorsey was in during the shooting. Defense attorneys told the jury on Monday that they intend to prove that Dorsey is innocent by reason of insanity.

The trial will resume early Wednesday morning.

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