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Family of dog attack victim want justice

Family of dog attack victim want justice

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The hunt is still on for one of the dogs responsible for killing 85-year-old Willie Mundine.

Willie’s wife of 50 years, Betty Mundine, said it was not the first time the family had encounters with the dogs. Betty Mundine said the dogs trapped her inside her backyard shed earlier this month.

“I was in there doing what I was doing and they come up and growl and I said, ‘Oh my god. I ain’t coming out,’ Mundine said. “I don’t have a phone to call nobody. I started piling chairs up to the door. I heard this man come up and told them dogs said, ‘get.’ Not another bark.

I-Team 8’s Kody Fisher asked, “Do you think the owner of these dogs lives in the neighborhood?”

I couldn’t say where he lives at,” said Mundine.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Mundine said she was in her driveway when one of the dogs snuck up behind her. She rushed towards her front door and her husband Willie.

“He came out to protect me and he said ‘What [Happened]?’ I said, ‘The dog almost got me’ and he said ‘get,’” said Mundine.

Scaring off the dogs didn’t work. Both dogs attacked her 85-year-old husband in the side yard of their house. Mundine could only stand by and watch before police arrived and shot one of the dogs.

Since the attack, the Mundine family has heard from others in the neighborhood saying the dogs have attacked them as well.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) confirmed previous incidents in the area, but can’t be certain they’re all connected.

“There were some incidents that happened prior to Tuesday. I can’t specifically say it’s the same dogs or not because they’re descriptions that are; that don’t equal the same description for each situation,” said Billie Bowling, enforcement manager with IACS.

Right now, investigators are looking for the other dog linked to the attack.

Fisher asked, “It has the possibility of being put down because of what happened?”

“It’s always a possibility, due to the behavior of a dog, that it could be put down,” said Bowling.

With the search ongoing, Mundine is mourning the loss of her husband of 50 years.

“We got married in 1974, and God saved and sanctified in 1975 and been running for Jesus ever since,” said Mundine.

Willie was a Bishop at their local church where both he and Betty were charter members.

Fisher asked, “Could you ever imagine something like this ever happening?”

“Never would imagine. I didn’t know the dogs were that vicious,” said Mundine.

The family wants the owner of the dogs to do the right thing.

“Please come forward. Please come forward,” said Mundine.

Once IACS tracks down the dog and owner, the Mundine family wants the owner to face justice.