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Indiana Supreme Court asked to intervene on a Delphi-related case

Indiana Supreme Court to consider Delphi related case

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two lawyers not associated with the prosecution or defense of the Delphi murder case have filed a response to Judge Gull and Attorney General Todd Rokita.

In the filing, the lawyers said, “Any trial without Baldwin and Rozzi, Rick’s counsel of choice, would be merely for show. Only two lawyers can be ready for a speedy trial and carry out Rick’s well-developed trial strategy, and only one court can grant that relief: This court.” 

“I think the most common belief in what the outcome will be indicated that it would be difficult for Rozzi and Baldwin to accomplish what they want, which is to reinstate themselves into this case. That doesn’t mean it is not impossible. If they are back, then Judge Gull has to be gone, because there is conflict there,” said Áine Cain of “The Murder Sheet” podcast 

Attorneys Baldwin and Rozzi had a spirited exchange with Judge Gull in her office concerning leaked crime scene pictures before the last hearing. That conversation was recorded and submitted to the supreme court as part of a filing to have the two lawyers reinstated to the case. In this latest filing, a portion of the conversation is used to make a case for reinstatement.

The court filing states, “She (Judge Gull) made it clear that she was unequivocally severing the attorney-client relationship and that there was no situation where Attorneys Baldwin and Rozzi could proceed with representing Rick.” 

“Judge Hull indicated if she went out there in open court and started criticizing his professional performance in this case, it might damage his reputation,” Greenlee said. “What has happened, because of the course they have chosen to pursue, instead of having their professional performance evaluated in an open hearing, it has been a source of public debate for weeks going on months, and you have to think this is damaging the professional reputation of both of these men, and we are hearing from people behind the scene that it could be damaging the case of their one-time client Richard Allen.”

The Indiana Supreme Court has not yet set a date to hear this case or indicated a timeline on when to consider it