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IMPD: fatal crash may have been tied to dispute over vehicle

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police say a deadly hit-and-run on the city’s east side appears to have been tied, at least in part, to a dispute over a vehicle.

Authorities found a Chevrolet Impala crashed on Delbrick Lane Tuesday night with no one inside. On the same block and street, they found another crashed car. The woman inside that car was pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim’s mother said she talked to her daughter on the phone last night. The victim said in the phone call that she’d found her car, which she said had been stolen, and blocked it in by parking another car behind it, according to the victim’s mother. The victim’s mother said her daughter had called police and was waiting for them during their conversation.

IMPD confirmed the Impala had been reported stolen on April 6. Police say there was a relationship between the victim and the man they believe was driving the Impala.

An IMPD officer said police are still investigating the case, and they’re not naming any suspects at this time.

Julie Evans, who lives near the crash sight, said she was running on just a few hours of sleep Wednesday. She was up late talking to police.

“I heard a great big boom,” Evans said of the crash. “The whole house shook. I thought somebody had actually hit my home.”

Evans said she ran outside and told her neighbors to call 911. She tried to help the woman but she couldn’t get the car doors open.

“It was sad,” she said. “I mean nobody wants to hear that somebody died in a terrible car accident.”

Evans said she’s saying prayers for the families involved.