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Indiana Historical Society adding escape room to Madam C.J. Walker exhibit

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana Historic Society is getting ready to kick off a unique museum experience. The current Madam C.J. Walker exhibit will soon be more than just a place to learn about her legacy.

Walker’s name is one many have heard before, but there’s more to learn about her hair care empire. A new learning experience will give guests an opportunity to crack the code in a limited time escape room experience.

The exhibit went up nearly two years ago. But the part of the exhibit showing the recreation of Walker’s office is transforming into something else.

Escape rooms are typically group games where people inside have to find clues to beat the game. For the Walker escape room experience, guests will have to find the formula to a missing product.

Museum representatives say there are three things they want a guest to walk away with: understanding how Walker built her empire despite having little formal education, the challenges she faced as a black women in the 1900s and how she used her wealth to help others.

“Mark Twain supposedly said history doesn’t repeat itself but it sure does rhyme,” Indiana Historical Society President Jody Blankenship said. “And a lot of the stuff we’re dealing with today we’ve dealt with in the past. So how can the past be an inspiration for us but also provide some caution for things that we should be careful of?”

Museum representatives say with many people still being cautious, museums can provide a healthy space to come to while also getting to learn about the past.

The escape room opens Oct. 3 and spots are filling up fast.