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Indiana named one of the best states to retire rich

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Charter schools growth has been explosive in Indiana and Indiana is named one of the best states to retire rich.

An unprecedented expansion of charter schools over the past five years is centered heavily in Indianapolis. It’s expected to push the number of privately managed public schools in Indiana too 100 this fall for the first time.

Chalkbeat said the number of charter schools in the state has doubled in the past five years but the number of applications to open new schools this spring is down.

Advocates are celebrating the breadth of new options for families to choose from, including more good schools in areas where children score poorly on state tests.

In other business headlines, Indiana is named one of the best states to retire rich. based the list off of taxes, living expenses, banking rates, health insurance costs and social security payments. By that criteria, Indiana was third best.

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