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Federal judge blocks Indiana’s new transgender athlete law

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A federal judge has blocked enforcement of Indiana’s new law preventing transgender girls from participating in school-sponsored athletics.

The ruling, handed down Tuesday morning, says the state law passed this spring by the General Assembly violates federal Title IX protections against discrimination based on gender.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a fourth-grade student at Indianapolis Public Schools who played on her school’s softball team.

“…the facts of this case leads to a result that is not even a close call: A.M. has established a strong likelihood that she will succeed on the merits of her Title IX claim,” Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson wrote. “IPS and the Superintendent cannot discriminate against A.M. based on her sex, and (this law) will force them to do just that.”

State lawmakers passed the bill in May over Governor Eric Holcomb’s veto.

“There remain zero cases and the process, which is managed by the (Indiana High School Athletic Association), is working. I stand behind my decision to veto HB 1041,” Holcomb said after the veto override.

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita responded to the ruling in a Tuesday afternoon tweet, saying, “The law (HEA 1041) remains in effect across the state and we will continue our work to defend this law and to protect Indiana’s K12 students. The court’s ruling allows only this particular plaintiff to play this particular sport at this particular elementary school.”