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GasBuddy predicts prices might hit $4 a gallon

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Gas prices are on the rise again.

A new report from GasBuddy shows the rise may not be done.

The website is predicting gas prices to reach an average of $3.40 this year, and says $4 a gallon is possible.

Here in Indiana, the average price per gallon now is $3.21.

Analysts with GasBuddy say $4 a gallon isn’t necessarily all bad news. They say it points to a stronger economy and a rebound from the toll COVID-19 has taken during the pandemic.

Some drivers are still frustrated by the seemingly constant rise.

“It ebbs and flows. It goes up and goes down. Seems like it goes up a lot more than it goes down, but, I don’t know, I think there’s a lot of people blaming people. I don’t know who’s to blame,” said Michael Sullivan while pumping gas Monday in Indianapolis.

Others say they have to get gas no matter what.

“It probably sounds irresponsible and crazy, but I don’t even look. If I need gas, I get gas. I’m not one to be like where’s the cheapest gas? I don’t go out of my way. I go to certain gas stations and I just get it,” Tarin Smith said.