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Indiana education leader tweets about upcoming teachers’ rally

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indiana superintendent of public instruction on Tuesday morning sent out a tweet that has raised some eyebrows.

Jennifer McCormick’s tweet read:

“Since Jan. 2017, I have not been asked for data representing IN districts’ local choice surrounding the usage of differing instructional delivery platforms.

“Any idea why policymakers are now asking for data about eLearning Days and sch. cancellation waiver days?”

“Policymakers” appears to refer to state lawmakers and their staff.

Local school districts, not state law, make the rules on how e-learning days are used.

She ended the tweet with the “questioning face” emoji and a red dot followed by “4Ed,” referring to the upcoming Red for Ed rally on Nov. 19. The Indiana State Teachers Association, the sponsor of the event, estimates more than 300,000 students will be out of school that day.

Similar rallies around the country have put pressure on state leaders to increase funding for teacher pay and public education. The Indiana teachers’ association and Republican lawmakers have been at odds for decades over teacher salaries, school funding and standardized testing.

A spokesperson for McCormick said she declined further comment Tuesday.