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Indiana lawmakers react to Iran’s attack on Israel

G7 leaders meet after Iran’s attack on Israel

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indiana lawmakers are reacting to Iran’s attack on Israel on Saturday.

So far, Israel has not said whether it will retaliate to the 350 drones and missiles launched by Iran. The two countries are long-standing rivals and have been engaged in a shadow war for years.

On Sunday, Pres. Biden held an emergency meeting with G7 leaders, who urged Israel not to launch new attacks. 

United States officials said several countries helped Israel shoot down 99% of the rockets launched by Iran. 

The White House also posted a video of Pres. Biden thanking members of the U.S. Air Force who helped shoot down the missiles. 

“Hey, you guys are the best in the whole damn world, man, the whole world,” Biden said. “You know that, that’s not, that’s not hyperbole, man, and both these squadrons, you’re incredible, absolutely incredible. You made an enormous difference, potentially saving a lot of lives and thanks to extraordinary skill, the United States helped Israel take down nearly all those incoming missiles. You’re remarkable.”

American military officials said that there was “no significant damage within Israel itself.”

Indiana lawmakers also reacted to the attack on Israel.

Indiana Sen. Todd Young expressed his support for Israel, saying, “The United States stands with Israel against Iran’s egregious, destabilizing terrorism.”

Republican Congressman Rudy Yakym agreed with Young, saying “Iran’s terrorist actions make clear why Israel needs our full, unwavering support. The U.S. firmly stands with Israel.”

Democrats, including northwest Indiana’s Frank Mrvan, criticized Republican inaction on foreign aid legislation.

“Our adversaries are watching the inaction of Congress on emergency supplemental funding related to Israel and Ukraine, which is necessary to protect our freedoms and democracy,” he said. “I continue to urge the House majority leadership to consider the Senate-passed measure without delay.”