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Indianapolis family looking for dog’s shooter: ‘It was heartbreaking’

INDIANPOLIS (WISH) – An Indianapolis family is looking for whoever shot their dog in the backyard.

It happened on Parker Avenue this past weekend. On Monday, the 2-year-old dog was left trying to balance itself in a blue brace.

“I don’t know how someone could shoot a dog who is so innocent,” its owner Reyna Dorantes said. “We were out of town for my sister’s baby shower, and when we came back Sunday afternoon my dad was the one who found her.”

The dog, named Athena, was crying and limping. “We saw the bullet wound,” Dorantes said. “It was like a circle, so you could tell it was a bullet wound.”

At first, officers were unsure as to what happened. There was no exit wound, so they couldn’t see what struck the dog. After taking the animal to a hospital, Dorantes says the x-ray made it clear as day.

“You can see that her bone is fractured in two places at the top of the shoulder and down by the ankle,” she said.

In the left corner, you can see the bullet left behind. This wasn’t the only violence from the weekend. A window was broken as well.

“I feel scared that it could happen again,” Dorantes said. Dorantes can replace the window, but the dog is a harder fix.

She was told the broken bones and infection mean the dog’s leg must be removed. “It was heartbreaking,” Dorantes said.

Officers haven’t made an arrest. A police report states officers couldn’t find what may have broken the window.

Dorantes says Athena will have the operation in a week. In the meantime, the dog is on pain medication.

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