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INDOT seeks seasonal workers for winter

INDOT is hiring for winter

Travis Robinson | News 8

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — INDOT held a job fair Tuesday to hire workers for the winter season.

It still may be a while before we see snow, but the new seasonal employees need to be trained and ready to go as soon as the flakes hit the ground.

INDOT is looking to fill 25 seasonal jobs around Indianapolis. The jobs pay $16 an hour and have few qualification requirements.

“They need their CDL, so their commercial driver’s license because they need to be able to drive one of these big trucks, and that’s about it,” INDOT spokesperson Mallory Duncan said.

The whole application process was streamlined this year, with back-to-back interviews and drug tests, ensuring applicants need only give up a couple of hours to have a chance at a job.

“We’re going to get that all done today instead of drawing it out over a two-week process,” Duncan said. “And it’s great for the candidates because they can come in for a couple of hours, and the whole process is done and they just need to wait for that phone call about the hiring.”

One man applying Tuesday didn’t even have to wait for that call: He was one of the few people chosen for a permanent position with INDOT.

“I went through the process and had an interview,” Corey Basley said. “While I was sitting waiting on the drug [testing] truck, I got offered a position. I mean, I’m still kind of overwhelmed about it. I just can’t believe how I just came out here and how easy it was.”

In addition to hiring workers, INDOT is tuning up trucks and ordering salt to ensure the first snowfall doesn’t take the department by surprise.

“We try to get ready very quickly,” Duncan said. “You never know when the first snow will come, but also we have a whole fleet of trucks that we need to prepare for, and all of those trucks need drivers.”

If you missed out on the job fair, you can still apply online here.