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Indy man warns of heat stroke danger 1 year after son’s death

PIKE TOWNSHIP (WISH) — An Indianapolis man is hoping to raise awareness about heat-related illness on the one year anniversary of his son’s death.

Collin Kelly, 14, died after he collapsed on the football field during practice last summer. He was a football player with Pike Township.

His family said he suffered from a heat stroke. At the time, they said Collin had been healthy with no medical problems.

“I know he’s resting with God and one day I will see him again,” Collin’s father, Chris Kelly, said. “I will see him again one day.”

Kelly said it’s been a rough year for his family after losing his only son.

“This whole week just took me back and took our family back to that day to when he passed out and was unresponsive on the football field,” he said.

It happened at Pike High School on July 7, 2015. Kelly admits he still has a lot of questions as to what happened during practice that day.

“Yes, there are questions and there’s always stuff in my head what could have been done differently or what could have been done to prevent that situation,” he said.

Kelly said this loss is something no parent should ever have to go through.

“I mean, who can describe the loss of your only son and our family has been devastated through this,” he said.

With July being Heat Stroke Awareness Month, Kelly is hoping his son’s death will be a reminder to all parents.

“I urge every parent: be hands-on with your coaches; be hands-on with the football program and be hands-on with your kids to tell them to drink drink water, be hydrated,” he said.

Kelly said he knows there’s nothing he could do to bring his son back. He’s now wishing he had more time.

“You do things you know you think you’re so busy,” he said. “No, your kids are the most precious gift that God can give to you.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are several warning signs for heat stroke.

The list includes body temperature above 103, hot and dry skin with no sweating, rapid strong pulse, headaches, dizziness, nausea, confusion and unconsciousness.